Tick, Tock…

… another second goes by. Does another opportunity also pass by?

Each and every day that passes us is, as unpleasant as the thought may be, we are another day closer to meeting our maker. What did you do with your last 5 minutes? If you relaxed, why? Have you earned that relaxation? Are you satisfied with your position, do you truly believe your work here is done? If you die today what legacy did you leave behind.

Can what you have done so far with your life stand the test of time?

You probably think you’re going to live forever right – I’m sorry, but that’s not an option and as a result, neither is failure.

Failure to act on the things you know you need to do. Did you hit the gym today? Did you reach for that second doughnut? Did you display weakness today in your choices or did you display self-leadership.

If you displayed weakness, then my question is why? Are you putting things off because you can do them tomorrow? Are you avoiding something because it is hard? Are you lying to yourself about your priorities?

Your time is finite, your potential however is infinite.

You can only reach your potential is you use your time wisely, effectively and thoughtfully. You can only do that if you realise that the time you have is limited. Truly limited, you could be gone tomorrow.

If you go, what did you leave undone?

There is only one thing you can control in this crazy world – you. So do you accept the short term gratification of the easy road, do you continue to lie to yourself about what you can and cannot do, or what you need to do? Do you really believe that every day, as the clock ticks and another second of your life is gone that you filled that second to your maximum possible potential?

If the answer is no, then start now.

Every time the clock ticks make it count – one day, your final tick will tock, and what you leave behind should reflect who you truly are, not who you could have been.