Its easy to blame someone else, its not fair for me to carry the blame.

After all, it’s their fault … right?


Chances are, whatever the situation, you have played a part in it and have some blame to take.
A lot of emotions can be attached to situations when blame is attached by either party – these emotions that attach themselves to our thoughts can cause us to lose the clarity of what we have done. We focus on the other party.

When our energy is engaged on someone else, and what they did, we stop working on us. We stop thinking about us. We stop concentrating on us -we stop growing when we attach blame.

We slack. We allow ourselves to let someone else be the reason, the reason for failure, for the reason to bad feelings, the reason for sadness and sorrow.

Detach from the blame game, accept whatever you did, learn from it and then move on. You cannot control the other person, so you should not dwell on them or what blame you can burden them with.


It’s that word again.

That important little thing that we let slip sometimes. Blaming someone else and searching for a blame in that person is nothing but a short cut, for short term gratification.


Instead of holding others to account for their actions, first try holding yourself to account. Realise what you did. Find what you are to blame for.

Then fix it. It is that simple.

Let that person dwell on their own blame, their own ideals and their own gossip. While that person wastes their time and energy thinking about you, you can spend your time and energy on yourself and your own projects. Eventually that person will look up from the hole they have dug themselves and realise how far you have gone, and how behind they truly are.

I know what you’re saying right about now – “What about when it really is someone else’s fault?”.

Then you look at how to help them. You look at what you could have done before they made their mistake. You look at what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again. You help them LEARN.

That is what we, as men should strive to do. HELP.

Rubbing salt into the wound of someone else’s mistake won’t make them do better next time, it won’t help improve your life either.
Quit playing the blame game, and start learning.