I talk a lot about understanding, and adapting, and overcoming issues through well thought out and understood methods. Sometimes though, that just isn’t going to do it. Sometimes we need to stop sugaring the pill, sometimes we need to stop thinking and start acting.

Sometimes we need to get aggressive.

I’ve been away for several months telling myself I have been healing. Telling myself that I have been reflecting. Telling myself this is all part of the process.

Guess what? I’ve been telling myself lies.

My friends thought I was wounded – I allowed them to think that because it made it easier for me. It made it harder to them to kick my ass and tell me to get a grip.

Stop giving yourself a break. Don’t cut yourself some slack.

Stop being satisfied with acceptance.

Tell yourself to bring it on. Stop pussy footing around your needs and feelings and get back on the horse. Is it okay to be hurt? Yeah. Is it okay to stop for some rest? Yeah. But your mind should be 2 steps ahead of your body. You should be making the plan. You should be moving forward, if you aren’t then something is wrong.

I realised about 15 minutes before writing this that I hadn’t thought about he future for the past few months.
I lived one day at a time.

It wasn’t okay.

Have I been depressed? Maybe a little. But what can I attribute that to exactly? A failed attempted marriage? Sure, for the first few weeks maybe. How about that exercise I’ve been putting off and telling myself it’s okay, I deserve the rest? How about those bad food choices, not once a week, but every single day.

It’s time for me to get aggressive with myself – get in my own face.

Stop allowing ourselves to waste time. Time waits for no man and the longer you and I sit here not fulfilling our full potential, or at least TRYING to fulfil that potential, then the further away from our goal we are.

This is no longer a case of being in a little rut.

This is all out war. RECOGNISE your situation, UTILIZE your mind and get AGGRESSIVE with the man in the mirror. No-one can make your dreams come true except for you. If you do not control you, how can you control your life? It starts with little choices, drink water instead of a creamy coffee, eat a healthier dinner, open the door for someone else.

BE BETTER one step at a time.

This is a mountain, and we are pushing up that boulder. The boulder falls often, sometimes taking us with it.
This isn’t about beating anything else but our own mind. Get aggressive with the guy in the mirror and don’t take anymore of his excuses.